Confirmed invited speakers

Yiliang Ding, PhD

Project Leader, David Philips Fellow, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK

Ding’s lab develops both novel experimental and computational methods to study RNA structure in living cells. Ding’s lab is interested in determining the role of RNA structure in the post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression including translation, RNA maturation and RNA stability. The lab also focuses on exploring how in vivo RNA structures alter in response to environmental changes.

David Staněk, PhD

Group-leader, Laboratory of RNA Biology, Institute of Molecular Genetics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic

David’s group’s long-term interest is to determine how cells decode information stored in the genome. Particularly, his group is interested in snRNP and spliceosome assembly, regulation of pre-mRNA splicing in the context of the cell nucleus and splicing of non-coding RNAs. Using advanced microscopy techniques (e.g. live cell imaging, FRET, FRAP and FCS) they explore where and when snRNPs and the spliceosome assemble in the cell nucleus. The group also studies the regulatory circuits between splicing, chromatin and transcription and aim to understand the role of chromatin environment on the splicing outcome.