The Integrative RNA Biology Research COSI (Community Of Special Interest) started as a SIG (Special Interest Group) satellite meeting to ISMB (Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology) in 2005. The original focus was on the regulation of alternative splicing (AS) and the SIG was named AS-SIG.

Over the years the meeting grew to cover different aspects of RNA biology as they relate to phenotype, disease and therapeutics, including alternative splicing, alternative polyadenylation (APA), post-transcriptional regulation, RNA 2D/3D structure, and the expression and function of non-coding RNAs. Consequently, in 2013 the SIG finally changed its name to IRB.

In 2017 another major change took place when the main meeting, ISMB, changed its organization: The various SIGs, including IRB, became the main ISMB meeting, now comprised of 1-2 days of sub-meetings. Furthermore, the International Society of Computational Biology (ISCB) which organizes ISMB, supported the creation of matching Communities of Special Interest (COSI).

As a COSI, IRB aim is to bring together computational and experimental experts that drive new advances in RNA biology and overcome the computational challenges involved. It does so by promoting various initiatives you can learn about on this site. The website itself is intended to serve as a platform for this community – promote relevant meetings, share knowledge, exchange ideas etc.

We hope you find the IRB COSI useful (and fun!) and decide to get involved – contribute posts, add content or even just tweet about related activities.