Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming meetings of interest for the Computational RNA community:


RNA Society meeting:
Date: May 26-31 2020
Location: Vancouver, Canada.
Description: The 25th Annual Meeting of the RNA Society will bring together researchers with interest in RNA biology and will include a bioinformatics and computational modeling hackathon (see details for the here.

Beyond protein: The ever-evolving functions of noncoding RNAs at SMBE: June 28 to July 2 2020, in Quebec city. The goals of this symposium are to highlight current understanding of ncRNA evolution in diverse systems and foster networking and collaboration among RNA and evolutionary biologists. Submissions from scientists at ALL career levels are strongly encouraged!

Date: July 12-16 2020
Location: Montréal Canada.
Description: The RNA community of special interest meeting within the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology conference will bring together computational and experimental researchers interested in all aspect of RNA biology.

RiboClub :
Date: September 20 to 24 2020, Orford, Québec, Canada.
Location: Orford, Québec, Canada.