Upcoming meetings of interest for the Computational RNA community:

RNA meeting: June 11-16 2019, in Krakow Poland. The 24th Annual Meeting of the RNA Society will bring together researchers with interest in RNA biology and will include two workshops on computational RNA analysis.

RNA COSI of ISMB: July 24-25 2019, in Basel Switzerland. The RNA community of special interest meeting within the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology conference will bring together computational and experimental researchers interested in all aspect of RNA biology. More info can be found here. (Speakers at the meeting here)

RNA Informatics : September 9-11 2019, at the Wellcome Genome Campus, UK. This conference will bring together computational researchers with experimentalists interested in non-coding RNA biology.

RiboClub : September 22 to 27 2019, in Orford, Qu├ębec, Canada. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the RiboClub, the 2019 meeting will feature 4 Nobel laureates and over 50 featured speakers.